VGI supports network servers, desktop computers, notebook computers, Tablet-PC, smart-phone devices, print devices and network connectivity devices. Support of hardware includes setup, installation and repair of hardware.  VGI tracks problem reports of hardware components to assist in determining when components should be replaced.

We offer remote management support or, if preferred, VGI can place an employee in your facilities to oversee the daily operation of your datacenter.

VGI does not sell hardware.  We instead locate the best price for you at today’s price from a list of suppliers we have found to be reliable in both on-time delivery and quality of shipped components.   VGI personnel will place the order for you upon your approval, install the components as well as support the products.  VGI does NOT accept commission or other considerations from suppliers of hardware; this assures our clients of the lowest possible price for hardware components.  By managing your hardware purchases in this manner, we are able to offer you hardware at prices far below those you would normally pay for comparable equipment.    Please note this service is available only to clients possessing a current support contract with VGI.


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