Titan Band Fund Raisers and Merchandise Store
Fund Raisers

Gadsden City Band students are now selling 20oz Coke products. 24 twenty ounce bottles for $22 per flat. This money is needed to help pay for new uniforms, props, individual band fees and bus needs to the many away games this football season. Please see a Titan Band member to order your Coke products....Thank You!!

I am sure there is at least ONE Titan Band member in your neighborhood. If you don't know of one, contact the Band, we will happy find a member near you.


The Titan Band has more than three hundred members every year.  Transporting this many members, supplying uniforms and maintaining band-owned instruments requires a lot of money.   Monies acquired through fund-raisers and merchandise sales greatly offset the expenses that are otherwise paid by the members of the Titan Band.  Please help us keep the band fees low, lower fees allow more students to participate in this acclaimed group.  Thank You for your support.