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VGI can design your WEB site for you or maintain and enhance your existing WEB site.

A WEB site is an advertising bill board and a source of information about your organization. The content of the site should be current at all times and unless you have a WEB designer on staff, updating most WEB sites requires that you send the information to an outside WEB service which then updates the information as their schedule permits and sends you a bill for the information update.

VGI design practices for WEB sites enables hublot replica information sections of your WEB site. You do not need knowledge of WEB programming or design to utilize our content management option. To use our content management all that is required of you is a person that can use a word processing program, such as Miscrosoft Word, and a connection to the internet.', SHADOW,true, SHADOWWIDTH,5, WIDTH,200)" onMouseOut="UnTip()">your organization to maintain much of the information on the WEB site without using a WEB designner. Or if you prefer VGI will maintain all sections of your WEB site for you. Also, remember the WWW is an abbreviation for World Wide Web.  Your WEB site and thus your company is accessible to people throughout the world.  To exploit the world-wide market your company now enjoys, you may want to include multi-lingual options for your WEB site, this option is available to you wether you or VGI maintains the content section of your WEB site.

Please view a Sample WEB site by clicking the link on our homepage and get the brochure for WEB sites. Much of the information you see on the sample site is user maintained.

WEB sites are the front door to your company. Adding WEB Applications to your WEB site will broaden your customer base and keep your company open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with no increased overhead expense. WEB Applications will also allow your employees to work outside the physical office, by making the necessary infromation available to the employee twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

Please reveiw the WEB Applications section of our WEB site for additional information on WEB Applications.


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