WEB Site options


We can create an RSS feed from your site that allows you to automatically update subscribers with the latest information about you.  We can also include  RSS feeds from other site  which may be of interest to viewers of your site.  Incorporating RSS Feeds from other site on your WEB site will increase traffic to your site.

Click here to view an RSS feed from the Wall Street Journal


A keep function of most all WEB site is communications. Using todays WEB there are many means of communicating through the internet at an affordable cost to any company or organization.


Look at a few of the available means of communicating through the internet.


Visual and audio presentation on your WEB site will dramatically affect the success of your site’s promotion of your company or organization.

View some of the visual/audio options available at affordard prices.

Look at eCommerce for business options. Business options include Applications, Shopping Baskets, Shipping Interfaces for FedEx & UPS, PayPal and Credit Card Interface