WEB applications are an extension of the usual WEB site. The most commonly used WEB applications today are Shopping Carts, Industry Specific Sales and Customer Service sites and Back-Office software.  Web Applications may also extend to your suppliers or Supply Chain. A WEB enabled supply chain will allow you to respond to company needs.

WEB applications implemented independent of your existing back-office software provides the optimum returns on investment. By using an independent approach to WEB application YOU to determine how your WEB Site looks to customers and employees. You make to decisions on changes to WEB presentations and you are able to keep the look and feel of your WEB site even when the back-office software you use to run your business is changed.

VGI uses a custom ROLE-BASED security system for controlled access to sensitive information. VGI incorporates a design for WEB applications that affords optimum speed to the users of the WEB application. Our design provides the remote user with an opportunity to control presentation format; this control allows the user to view data in a manner that will best suits their immediate need. Speed plus conformity to the user will make your WEB site a preferred means of doing business in your industry.

Additionally, remember the WEB is a World Wide Web.  Your WEB site and thus your company is accessible to people throughout the world.  Exploit the worldwide market your company now enjoys through the internet. Include multi-lingual options in your WEB site and applications.

Please take a few minutes and view a sample WEB Application available from our home page. We would enjoy an opportunity to discuss with you how WEB Applications may help your company increase its profits.


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