Why do I want to be parlamentarian?

As a middle school student, I saw that my class was struggling with a large homework load. So, I decided to do something. I got a petition signed by 24 people (no small feat in a school of just over 100 students) to have that workload reduced. I heard rumors of expulsion for being associated with the petition, but I knew my civil rights and I knew my duty to my fellow students. I presented the petition and discussed plans for homework reduction with the principal and low and behold, I saw results. I had worked and passed through threats and fears to serve my fellow students and my school.

I march in the Titan Band; I see the way the crowds react to us, thunderous applause from opposing schools. I see the way our football team fights and wins. I see the way students strive and rival teachers and themselves to ace classes. I see the talented musicians; I see the talented football players; I see the brilliant students; I see Titans.

However, this is a very narrow view. If I did not go to GCHS I would know nothing of them. I would just think of them as some other school. As is, I am on the inside and see it. But what of the people who don’t hear the morning announcements? Those people who don’t see the events – be they sports, academic competitions, or artistic expressions of any sorts – know none of this. Information is spread minutely from person to person. The school just hopes that they have connections to the outside world. I was initially against the idea of GCHS; it was a school that was going nowhere. It was a pointless waste of space. I was going to Saint Bernard Preparatory Academy. But then, in 6th grade, the Marching Titan Band came to my school. And I was swept away. I was enamored by this majestic institution. We have Titan Ambassadors, but they aren’t the only Titan ambassadors. We are all Titans, all ambassadors. If we play our strengths, everyone will know us. And just like I served my school before, I will make it my top priority to make sure everyone knows one simple fact: We are Titans.